The basic problem with any highlight package is picking the highlights.


The difficulty increases with the number of highlights and 2016 was a year full of highlights at MyStarCollectorCar—this list was a big job because as Frank Sinatra once said, “It was a very good year”.    


Here (in no particular order) are twelve highlights from 2016 at MSCC.


The Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction was definitely a highlight early in the year. This show may get a little heat for its hype but in reality it’s an incredible event in an incredible setting. I’ve been there twice and it met and exceeded every expectation I had.




Alexandra Paul was a highlight. I’ve done quite a few interviews over the years and she was folksy and well-grounded—there was no fake Hollywood vibe at all.





The weather was a highlight because it played a role in so many shows. Some were hammered by rain but you could always find a good story in between the deluge. I can think of two shows where the rain didn’t drive away the good “stories behind the cars”.




One was Carstairs.





The other was Pigeon Lake.




The stories themselves are always a highlight of any year because without the stories, you don’t have MSCC and 2016 was a spectacular year for great stories.


One of my personal favorites was the guy who found his original ’68 Road Runner. He bought it brand new and found the same car decades later—you could take those odds to Vegas and clean out the house.




The same thing happened when the daughter of the original owner of a ’66 Meteor convertible found his car years later. She’s now the proud owner of a family legacy.




There was another great family connection with this ’74 Ford XLT 350. This was her dad’s truck from Day 1 and now her family is the caretaker of this incredibly well-preserved workhorse.





This ’59 GMC bus didn’t have a family connection but it does now. He built this incredible road trip machine and now he hauls his grandkids in the coolest school bus you’ll ever see.




I liked this ’70 Fury 4-door sedan for two reasons. One—it’s an 4-door sedan and two—it’s owned by a young guy with a lot of respect for this big old Mopar C-body.




Another highlight came in the form of this ’61 Pontiac Parisienne convertible. It was a survivor with a great back story and the second owner treats it like gold.




This ’37 Packard is a highlight because I picked up the story on a road trip with my cousin. He’s the last guy who will admit to his inner car guy but he got in deep on this old Packard, paid his dues and now he’s an official car guy whether he likes the role or not.




I liked this ’51 MG TD story for similar reasons. He pulled this British classic off the wall of a bar, fixed the unfixable and now there’s another classic on the road. That’s a highlight in my world.





The last highlight is simpleit’s the car hobby itself. It simply wouldn’t exist without the dedication of car guys and car girls who love the old iron so much they put everything they have into something old, obsolete and off the dial cool.


That’s a highlight every year.


Jerry Sutherland


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