A typical show and shine car event is one of the most classless worlds you can enter-in a good way.

They are classless not because of Communist Utopian thinking but because cars like this 1976 Pontiac Catalina wagon are always welcome.

Paul, the current owner of this unrestored relic from the Gerald Ford era knows that he is part of the fraternity now by owning this unique example of Brady Bunch transportation.

Paul can tell you every detail about his rare and very large example of mid-70’s suburban living. This is a relatively low optioned Pontiac kid-getter so you have to assume that the original owner was budget conscious when he only checked off 3 of the 117 options on the order sheet.

Paul is the same kind of guy. He drives this car as is–a lot. He never gets tired of the inevitable attention it gets and he has a lot more fun than some guy that merely cut a check for a completely done vintage Corvette.

Paul loves this car-more than any guy with a giant credit line and no car soul will ever know. He’s very realistic about the future of this giant Chevy Chase Griswald Vacation wagon. As a typical average Joe he’ll spend when he can. Right now he’s happy to own a car that somehow escaped those devastating demolition derbies of the 80s and 90s.

Those demo-derbys or the dreaded crusher claimed far too many of these monuments to a bygone suburban lifestyle and Paul sees that as a tragedy so he has a realistic game plan for the car.

jun 09 my star 76 pontiac

Demolition drivers loved wagons-they could take a serious hit and keep you in the game but if Paul ever runs into a guy who trashed one in a demo-derby…

that guy had better be able to out sprint a big Brady Bunch wagon with a very motivated driver behind the wheel.

Jerry Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com