feb12-fallenback to boswell white olds on side of road 2011 trip 2 w char-4

feb12-fallenback to boswell white olds on side of road 2011 trip 2 w char-4The mscc section ‘Fallen Stars’ was designed from the outset to document a vanishing piece of North American history-old iron in its natural environment.

Overzealous, heavy-handed anti-clunker laws, irate neighbors, the increase in scrap iron prices and yes, angry wives have all contributed to the loss of this automotive art form.

A 1953 Buick will blend nicely into the landscape and eventually become one with the earth-isn’t that the same goal of every New Age Mother Earth Child?

Old cars and trucks are the highest form of landscape art. There’s nothing like a row of weathered old grain trucks to underscore the history of any farm and that can be lost via one scrap dealer.

The scenario gets worse when the scrap dealer hauls away the family’s 50-year-old Pontiac wagon.

This is a tragedy and it makes the Fallen Star section that much more difficult to maintain so by all means help out mscc and send some pictures of classic old iron in its natural habitat-anywhere-back alley, back 40 acres…wherever you see a neglected and likely doomed piece of history.

Thank you.

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