Earlier this summer we ran a story about a young guy who really amazed us with his strength of character and love of cars. Aidan Fitzgerald is a nineteen year old guy who has battled muscular dystrophy for most of his life.

Our earlier story was about a car show that the local car guys brought to Aidan at the hospital.

The second part is a little different because Aidan went to the car show in the first week of September.

He was able to attend a regular Thursday night show because of the efforts of Denise Guillemaud, a dedicated hospital staff member who has developed a strong friendship with Aidan.

Aidan’s second car show was much like his first- cold and damp with a serious hint of frigid in the air. That was a non-issue for Aidan because he wanted to soak up a little car show atmosphere, even it had been 40 below that night.

The one vehicle that really intrigued him was the Screaming Eagle, a giant Detroit diesel powered monster that was custom built by Jack Holt, a self-taught engineer and inventor. Jack designed one of the first tree movers back in the 50s, and he is a man of many talents when it comes to unusual engineering.

Aidan was really impressed with the Screaming Eagle after he learned about it. We ran a feature on it last year and many readers were just as fascinated as Aidan with this incredible, giant-sized custom vehicle.

This is the kind of thng you have to see in person. Aidan was drawn in by pictures of the Screaming Eagle and… like every car guy in the universe, he had to see it in real life. But Aidan also wanted to meet Jack-he got his opportunity that Thursday night.

The car show takes place every Thursday in a mall parking lot, and that brings us to the second part of this story. Aidan is only nineteen and he only had a limited amount of time outside of the hospital that night, so he had to use it wisely and well. When you are nineteen, well-spent time also meant a visit to the mall for some other sights and sounds that probably included spotting babes instead of cars.

We hope that Aidan will get more opportunities to do both in the future as he gets a well-deserved break from his hospital routine. One thing is certain: the local car guys have big plans for Aidan when the car show season swings back into overdrive in 2011.

Now all we need is a few more car show days where it’s hot, dry and sunny-then Aidan can get his chance to rub elbows with the other car guys again.

Jim Sutherland


CINDY:“This is just a great story!!!! What a wonderful thing to do for Aidan!!!! Everyone should have to spend some time in that situation to truly realize how much it means to all of those affected with a disability. Be thankful because – THERE BUT BY THE GRACE OF GOD GO I!!!”


BILLI:”Thanks for keeping us up to date with this little fella. God Luv ya.”