Today is Father’s Day—regular MSCC readers already know about the paternal connection to the car hobby.


We’re Chevy guys, Ford guys and Mopar guys because that’s what our dads drove back in the day.


Take a look back at six classic MSCC stories with a big Father’s Day connection.


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The first one is about a ’69 Charger. It was their late father’s one and only new car and it made for a great story. Here’s the MSCC link to the story about a family tribute Mopar.




The next story is about a ’73 Corvette. This was a father-son cooperative effort—they built a custom Vette and now it’s a source of pride for both father and son. Here’s the MSCC link.




This ’68 Firebird has a very profound connection between a father and his daughter. He wanted his daughter to have a legacy car so he left her money in his estate to buy this classic Pontiac convertible. Here’s the MSCC story link.




A custom ’41 Chevy truck named Summer Wages is cool enough on its own but this one is directly connected to its owner’s late father. Here’s the full MSCC story behind the ride.




This 1930 Ford Hi-boy has a major connection between a father and son. It’s a legacy car, it was built for the road and now the son owns his late father’s classic roadster. Read the whole MSCC story in this link.




The same story applies to this ’56 Thunderbird. He inherited this classic ‘Bird from his late father and he took this car to another level to honor his father. Here’s the full MSCC story behind this legacy car.




Happy Father’s Day.


Jerry Sutherland


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