Marriage is a big gamble in today’s world where divorce lawyers are kept on speed dial.


These days the time-honored institution of matrimony is almost treated like a long date where both parties enter into the marriage wearing a parachute that gives them the confidence to bail out when the relationship hits turbulence.


The rules of marital engagement have gone from “till death do us part” to “maybe this can work but, if not, I can always pull the pin”.




Divorce is a growth industry where the winners are ex-spouses and their great lawyers, while the losers are ex- spouses, but not their mediocre lawyers. Even mediocre lawyers win in divorce battles.


Divorce is messy, expensive and may take a long time to reach the end of the misadventure. There is a strong possibility that a divorce will cost even more than a car project, and every car guy knows a car project is not for the faint of heart.




However a case can be made about why the average car guy could make a great husband. For starters, the car guy will build his extra-marital relationship around an old beat up car and not a young healthy woman.




Every car guy has made his choice for outside love but his choice has four-wheels and, although it may need plenty of cosmetic surgery, it will turn his head faster than any young babe who has her own much different form of cosmetic enhancement.


The car guy will be close to home because he will spend plenty of time in the family garage with his beloved car project. Wives know exactly where to find car guys and it is not sitting on a bar stool trying to make an impression on a young cocktail waitress.




Car guys cannot get their other love interests (old cars) pregnant, so they cannot throw the family dynamics into a state of chaos when they chase a car dream.


The worst sin they will commit is incomplete details on the cost of parts for the restoration and that is a better situation than incomplete details on the cost of a motel with some bimbo.


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Clearly an old car project is an investment in its own way because the finished project will have a monetary value.


Sure the value of the completed car will likely fall below the actual investment in the car, but it will be a better financial return than unplanned parenthood with somebody other than a spouse.


A car guy will not be part of a secretive romance with his car. He will want everybody to see him in his car when it is ready for the road and he will invite his spouse along for the adventure. It is a perfect menage a trois because it does not break any moral code of conduct and there is no awkward situation at the end of the adventure.


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A relationship between a car guy, his wife and his car can be the foundation for a good marriage.


A relationship between a car guy, a car girl wife who loves working on old cars, and their car can be the foundation for a Hall of Fame marriage.


Jim Sutherland

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