I watched an old episode of ‘Gearz’ in which Stacey David tackled a rusty old Bronco that belonged to one trick pony-tailed rocker and deer-baiting outdoorsman Ted Nugent.

Stacey is a hard guy not to like and he does a good motivational job with untalented guys like me.

Stacey could convince me and thousands of other seriously under-skilled shade-tree wonders that we could actually put Humpty back together again.

There are few technical boundaries in a ‘Gearz’ episode for its loyal viewers.

We believe in the gospel according to Stacey and some of the bolder members of our no-talent club attempt the impossible.

After all, TV is a magical place in which chunky non-babe magnets like Jim Belushi have smoking hot wives in their situation comedies.

So it is clear that we are willing to suspend belief when it comes to TV programs. Plus we don’t want to disappoint Stacey– the guy believes in us. Maybe we could soar with the eagles and successfully complete a major restoration on the Nuge’s rusty ride.

Or maybe Stacey is just too nice a guy to go Clint Eastwood on us and remind us that a man has to know his limitations. In my case, very serious limitations when it comes to body work, and I am in a very crowded room of fellow talent-less wonders.

What Stacey does very well is take on very unusual projects and bring the dead back to life.Gearz‘ is one of my favorite shows for this very reason. We get to see a master at work and dream impossible restoration dreams through the talented hands of Stacey.

The bonus round is the part of the show where Stacey drives the wheels off his completed project. Those of us that would be little help on the restoration would be eager volunteers for this part of the program.

Whatever the case, I will continue to watch ‘Gearz’ because of its charismatic and highly motivational host.

Just make sure somebody wrestles a mig welder out of my hands after every episode before I hurt an innocent restoration project.

Jim Sutherland

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