There is always a story behind a vintage car.


That is the main reason for our website and, the closer the bond between an old road soldier and an owner, the better the story.


Doug Rankin is one of those guys with a great story behind his beautiful Ford Victoria- it was his late father’s pride and joy and it was also the family vacation car for many years.


Doug grew up with the car and the amazing summer holiday memories as a passenger in the car. The car took Doug’s family across the US and Canada in many journeys that gave his family such a great way to spend time together on the road.


Doug’s father bought the car in 1974, so it was old-school even by that point in its life. The family excursions began in 1975 and were an annual tradition from that point onward for the Rankin clan.



Doug shared the car guy gene with his dad, and the two of them began a restoration on the car later in Doug’s life. The job was completed before Doug’s father passed away, so now it is as solid as the day it came into the Rankin family’s world.



An unfortunate incident occurred after the restoration when the Ford was crunched on the driver’s quarter by an act of bad driving from another motorist.



Doug was a stickler for the repair and insisted that the damaged quarter get massaged back into its original shape. The original metal on his father’s car was important to Doug because it had to be his dad’s car as much as possible.




Six months later, the job was done properly to Doug’s satisfaction. One final part of the happy ending to this story: Doug has revived the family vacation in the Ford and now he has his own generation of devoted 1956 family Ford fans. Doug’s biggest dilemma these days is which of his own kids should inherit the car.


His solution thus far is to “see which

one is the better driver”, to quote Doug.


Jim Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com 


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