We make no secret of the fact we love car shows in the downtown core of small communities.


Most of the small towns retain the architecture from a bygone era because nobody decided to run a D-9 Cat through history in these communities.


The town of Innisfail, Alberta Canada is one of those places where many of the buildings built in the past on Main Street are still around in 2014.





They even managed to keep their retro movie theater in their downtown core and that building was constructed in 1925. The result is a great place to hold a car show and the Innisfail car show organizers do a great job every year.




The vintage rides look great on Innisfail’s retro-strong main street and we get an opportunity to shoot vehicle photos in an ideal environment.


The first vehicle to catch our eye was a survivor 1959 Volkswagen Beetle with a long history since new in one family.




The Bug has worn the years well and its current owner told a very unique story about why it had worn paint on the driver’s side rear signal light.


The reason will be revealed in a future MSCC piece and we are confident nobody would solve the mystery of the worn paint unless they know its congenial current owner.


We will tell you this much: the reason behind the worn paint is the reason behind the legacy of the car with its first owner.




Another car that caught our attention was a 1951 Chevy 4 door sedan restored to its original condition.




We were steered in the direction of the car by the guy who restored the Chevy for its current owner and honored the owner’s request to make it look like it did when it left the dealership 63 years ago.


We live in a time when these cars get slammed and painted flat black to upgrade them to a cooler status.


To each their own; but we like owners who decide to preserve their old ride’s originality because fewer of these cars remain in stock form.


The owner of the ’51 Chevy sedan did it for the best of reasons: sentimental ones, because his car also has a long family history with him.


A stunning 1963 Ford Galaxy XL 500 convertible in pristine condition is an excellent source for a story and we were happy to meet its current owner at the Innisfail show.




The owner explained the history of the previous owner’s incredible frame-up restoration and explained why the car was a rare sight on the streets.


You will have to wait until we publish the Ford’s story to find out the answer-and it’s definitely a different one.


There was a rare hot rod at the show in the form of a 1939 Plymouth.




1939 Plymouths aren’t the platform of choice for a custom because they’re scarce, but this one has been with same owner for 30 years. You just don’t let a good thing go over the decades.


Our final point of interest on the downtown streets of Innisfail was a wild 1982 Cadillac Coupe De Ville with a big block rising well above the fenders. In fact, the current owner had to cut the hood to accommodate the high rise look.



Why a guy took a luxury car and turned it into a street monster while retaining all of the Caddy’s creature comforts is a story only he could tell in a future MSCC piece.


We at MSCC would like to thank the Innisfail organizers for their well-run show.


Jim Sutherland

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