jan sub imgp1438a

jan sub imgp1438a


Ron is a mover in the traditional sense in that he owns a business that moves stuff.


That was the reason behind his purchase of his resto-mod 1953 Chevrolet Suburban that has show winner written all over it.



‘A career in the moving business is no longer in the cards for Ron’s Suburban, but it does a great job moving him from show to show, and it draws a lot of attention at every one of them.’


The truck is a rare model because it has a window package not typically found on these vehicles.


jan sub imgp1436a


They were more likely to be found in a more traditional style with less glass and more metal because they were working trucks in their day.



Ron’s Chevy Suburban was used as a pottery delivery van during its working career, then was used for camping, and now it enjoys its new part-time job as a show stealer. The custom paint job was applied in 1980, but it looks like it was applied last year.



jan sub imgp1434a



The front end is a Cadillac donation and the rear end was donated by a Camaro. The brakes have been upgraded to four wheel discs and the power train is pure Chevy 350/ Turbo 400.


jan sub imgp1437a


You could drive Ron’s Suburban anywhere to attend car shows and two things would be readily apparent: You will arrive in style and comfort. You will also draw a crowd when you get there in this Chevy.


Ron always does, but now he is used to all of the attention.


Jim Sutherland

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