APRIL 30, 2009 MY STAR REVISITED MAY 2009–1947 Hudson,1947 Chevrolet–Got them to the church on time

my star 47 hudson chev wedding car 2-6


There were two unusual wedding guests when Mark and Charlene Watson were married in July 1995.

The guests in question were a 1947 Hudson and a 1947 Chevrolet; two stylish four door sedans with a family history from Charlene’s side.

The cars were previously owned by Charlene’s late father-he had devoted considerable time and attention to the dynamic duo.

Charlene did not want to see the cars leave the family tree so she and Mark became the new owners of the vehicles.

Then they decided that the cars would make great wedding cars for their upcoming marriage.

Charlene’s father had retrofitted the Hudson with a Ford straight 6 and automatic transmission linked to the original ‘three on the tree’ manual shifter. Kind of like fitting the Queen Mary II with power steering but it sure works to this day.

Mark and Charlene’s wedding day was immortalized on the front page of the local daily newspaper when the Hudson had a minor temper tantrum in traffic. The two cars caught the eye of an Advocate photographer who snapped a shot of the newlyweds’ temporarily stalled classic wedding rides.

my star 47 hudson chev wedding car-3

The Watsons will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary this summer and the two special four-wheeled guests from their wedding day are still with them and invited to the party in 2009.

Jim Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com