This MyStarCollectorCar article is significant because it is our 1000th editorial.


MyStar is comprised of many sections that target various elements of the car hobby.


The most important components are the Cars and Trucks sections because these are the stories we gather about the vehicles from their owners.


We feature the car/truck stories for one month and then we replace them with new stories. We should add that all of our MSCC stories are archived and can be found any time by pressing the little magnifying glass at the top right of our front page.




We also have Cars of the Show, Fallen Stars, and Stars in Traffic sections that change on the first day of every month, along with our weekly feature What’s it Wednesday and our Star of the Day/Week.




There are a lot of good reasons to visit MyStarCollectorCar and one of our most popular features is our Editorial section. This section is where we get to free-wheel and write articles about the philosophy behind the hobby.




We started MyStar on April 2, 2009 and have evolved MSCC into its current format. The biggest question posed to us was: “There are only two of you and how can you possibly write enough material to keep up with an endless demand for new stuff on your site. Won’t you run out of ideas?”


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The answer to that question is an emphatic “No, we can easily handle the demands for fresh material and we will never run out of ideas.” Our 1000th editorial proves we will always be able to write something new about the old car hobby.




Editorials are a vital part of our MyStarCollectorCar approach to the collector vehicle hobby. These articles cover a wide variety of topics that range from our impressions of a particular car show to the best hardtop ever built-to name just two of our 1000 topics.




We like to keep our editorials between 500 and 1000 words, depending upon the subject matter. This length is a tried-and-true method established by most newspapers because it fits within the average reader’s span of attention before they start to drift away from the article.




We also like to choose topics that break their own trail in many respects so we try to look at the car hobby from as many different angles as possible. Occasionally we ruffle some of our readers’ feathers along the way, but we like the fact they have their own opinions about our opinions.




We also like the fact they have actually read the articles and formed an opinion, although some fall into that dangerous trap where they have clearly only read the headline. Bear in mind our goal is just like every other online or print magazine: we want to entice our readers to read our articles, so we will try to snare them with a provocative headline.




We also hope our readers will be entertained by our editorials and become even bigger fans of MSCC. The fact our readership has grown so incredibly over the past few years suggests we have indeed gained a loyal legion of regular readers.




We believe our Editorials section has been a big part of the growth, based upon the feedback we receive every day about them. It shows our readers are really tuned into this feature and encourages us to continue to write them because of the editorials’ overwhelming popularity.




We are never exactly sure about the content or direction for our editorials because they just seem to take on a life of their own once we begin to write them. The editorials are typically a spontaneous burst of free-flow writing based upon a car hobby observation and a gut reaction to the observation. We tend to live in the moment and run with an idea when we write an editorial.




Our final comment about our editorials? They are a very fun part of our daily writing routine here at MyStarCollectorCar.




Now to get a flying start on our next thousand MSCC editorials.


Jim Sutherland


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