We live in the most connected world in the history of mankind and it comes with a big price.


The new age cyber-universe is a place where people actually disconnect from the real world around them and become soulless zombies armed with a keypad.


This grim reality requires a rescue mission to save the group most affected by the onslaught of technology: kids.




They have lived their entire lives with an imbalance between the actual world and the cyber-world that dominates their young lives.




The newest generation needs somebody to perform an intervention by prying the cell phones/iPads out of their hands and then running over the communication devices with a car-preferably an old car. Then they need to take the newly-liberated kids to a car show-preferably in an old car.




Kids need to see old cars on the road and not in a video game like Grand Theft Auto where they get to pretend to drive cartoon cars. We live in an era where cars have been reduced to bit players in video games and the desire to have a real world car experience is not on the radar for an entire generation.




Instead the newest generations prefer to live in a fake world with no real desire to test the boundaries of the real world behind the wheel of a real car. Sadly, they have no idea about the magic of the open road and adventures with real people along the way.




This is not life in any real sense because lives should not be held ransom by the next big thing in video games or social networks. These are half-dead virtual reality purgatories where lives are wasted by a generation that has disconnected from real world experiences and chosen a grim existence hunched over their cell phones in complete isolation from everything in the actual reality around them.




The good news is we can change the game these young cyber-zombies if we surgically remove the communication devices from their hands and introduce them to the car hobby. It starts with a car show.




A car show is a world of sights, sounds and smells that can never be re-created by a video game or social network. For example, rear tires roasted by a big block running a bare minimum of exhaust is well beyond the reach of even the most creative video games.




The brute force behind these real world monsters requires serious horsepower-not gigabytes- to leave a lasting impression upon those who witness these moments. Old school rides are simple and they provide a basic connection to actual life experiences where you can see, hear, smell, and even feel their presence.




Car shows offer a brand new experience from old cars for our younger generations and we have an obligation to literally steer them in the right direction to a show. We can save them from themselves and give them access to a real world experience where cars are the real stars.




They will meet real people at car shows and engage in real conversations instead of text messages. They will spend time around car guys and learn about a real world of actual accomplishment with a completed car project instead of a fantasy world where the high score in a video game is grossly misrepresented as an accomplishment.




It is time for car guys to fight back against this disconnected cyber age of complete fakery that has so much control over kids.


Take a kid to a car show this summer.      


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