The latest antics of Charlie Sheen have elevated the guy to Hall of Fame crash and burn status in celebrity world.


He has cornered the market on bad habits and even worse behavior.


Perhaps he has pretend post-traumatic stress disorder from his pretend soldier role in ‘Platoon.


What this clown needs is an old car habit to replace his coke habit.


He has some experience as a car guy from the TV series ‘Overhaulin’ in which he helped prank a buddy.


But Sheen is an actor, so he may well be a pretend car guy.


However there are pretty compelling reasons for Charlie to switch to a car addiction.One of the best is that cars are not former porn stars and hookers that want 15 minutes of fame as Sheen’s latest professional love interest.


Rampant use of collector cars is still very legal in every corner of the world. The same cannot be said for cocaine. The exception to collector car use is a stolen collector car, but you get the idea.


Charlie would definitely meet a better brand of human being at a car show. Most car guys are very balanced guys whose need for speed doesn’t get injected in their arms.


A womanizer like Sheen would also meet a better brand of female companionship with the average car girl. The bonus is that any encounter with car girls would not end in a cash transaction.



It is unlikely that Sheen would be sentenced to rehab for a car addiction. In fact, well-known celebrity car addict Jay Leno a very positive public image because of his car habit- with the exception of Letterman and Conan.


A collector car would also be a better investment than booze, women and coke for Charlie. The car would not vaporize in a foggy recollection of loosely intertwined episodes by the next morning.



The amount of cash Charlie has invested in bad habits would likely have given him one of the world’s finest car collections. The trick would be for him to dry out long enough to drive his rides.


Because no self-respecting car guy will drive loaded behind the wheel of his vintage car.


Jim Sutherland

More about average guys with bad car habits at https://www.mystarcollectorcar.com/


DENNIS:”Lets turn this around. Why would anybody in the car hobby want this jackass around?”