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First order of business: we at MyStarCollectorCar do not endorse any of the bad behavior listed in the title of this article, but we recognize that we live in an imperfect world where these activities are part of the program.


Technology moves at a nano-fast pace in today’s world and affects every aspect of our daily lives.


For instance, how many people leave home without their smart phone?


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Most would rather leave home without a pair of pants-or their right arm in some extreme cases-than phoneless. The technology tidal wave has become a vital part of the automotive world and today’s cars are more microprocessor than mechanical in many aspects.


The result is a smart car that functions at an incredible level of efficiency because of the micro-chip whistles and buzzers in the new vehicles.




Now the new rides are on the verge of sheer genius because the new buyers will soon be able to purchase a four-wheeled laptop that gets great mileage on the highway. Cars will be sold with complete access to the Internet and they will be called connected cars.


A connected car will give owners a huge safety net when they leave their smart phones at home because they will be driving a giant smart phone. Eventually they will be able to let the car drive itself while they wile away the hours with their Facebook pals and Twitter buddies.




We will become passengers in our own cars and relinquish the joy of driving to a collection of micro- chips that never experience road rage. There are good reasons to embrace the future: bad and timid drivers will presumably ride shotgun in a new connected self-driving car and that is a positive.




However, the cars will become another way for the cyber world to keep tabs on the private elements of people’s lives, and some may not want to invite the entire world into their private world. That will not be an option with a connected car because they will know exactly where, when and which part of your life takes place in them.




That may be well outside of your comfort zone if the connected car gets involved in your social life and keeps a complete e-diary on your misbehavior…or good behavior.




The upside for people who want elements of their life hidden from public people is an automobile option from the past. Old cars tell no tales about its drivers- other than their poor maintenance habits with issues like oil and filter changes when an un-maintained engine blows up, or when a bald tire has a flat.




Old cars do not record any information about your location or rate of speed if you choose not to bring along a smart phone on a road trip. The only electrical communication component in most old rides in stock form is their factory radios and they are not capable of spying on your misbehavior.




The only fly in the ointment is an old car will be noticed on the road because they do not exactly blend into traffic with their old school look.


They get plenty of attention because of their retro appearance, so owners may want to consider this factor if they intend to use an old car for misadventures. Final upside to old iron?


They are cool enough to cause misdaventures.


Jim Sutherland

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