Pink Floyd is a band that has lived long and prospered off a long-dead career as a relevant music force.


They are a golden example of a band that was overrated in the first place and now occupy a nostalgic place where aging Baby Boomers can go to “get their hippy on”, so to speak.


The drummer for the band is a guy named Nick Mason, and he is a world –class expert on high end Euro-iron with a pedigree more regal than Prince Charles.


He will be the advisor for a soulless collection of investors that will purchase expensive cars for a perceived 15% investment return.


The design is to corral the recession-proof value of these world-class automobiles. It makes sense from an investment point of view, but 150 million bucks will corral a fairly large stable of cars that will likely never see the open road again.


Nobody can begrudge these guys for looking for a secure investment, but they have sucked the passion out of the car experience and limited access to the essential reason for the old car hobby- quality time behind the wheel.


The fact that the Pink Floyd drummer has a lot of spare time to dabble in the car market is no surprise, considering that a Pink Floyd tour without Roger Waters is about as appealing as a Doors tour without Jimmy Morrison.


But his label as a car guy suffers when he becomes an advisor for a consortium of people that look at cars as a commodity similar to pork futures.


This would be the time for me to use my ‘ Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘The Wall’ for skeet shooting if… I had ever bought them in the first place.

Jim Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com


BOB“the Pink Floyd piece really interested me but I couldn’t get it to download. It forced me to checkout www.mystarcollector.com I’m glad I did. Your bio and story were quite interesting. It made me wish I had payed more attention in english class both in collage and especially grade school. I was more likely drawing cars or day dreaming about tri fives. My junior year I finally got my car,a beautiful 57 convertible but the damage to my education was already done. Oh I still did fairly well despite myself”.