There is no better way to spend the summer than around a gathering of the old ride clan and we get to hang out with car guys and girls every week during the car show season.


2014 was one of our best years because we hit more shows than ever this past year.


For us, the car show season started in late April and ended a few hours before the first snowfall with a few diehards on a November cruise before the rides went into winter hibernation.


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Sandwiched in between were many stories that will be released over the next few months while we wait for the 2015 car show season.


There are typically too many outstanding rides to cover at most car shows, so we follow the crowds at shows because they lead us to the vehicles that command the most attention.


A monster GTX appeared at the late April show and many subsequent shows.


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This untamed beast of a car drew some of the biggest crowds every time we saw it at shows and we got its MSCC story after we witnessed its popularity with the public.


We went to a few shows in British Columbia, Canada and discovered a few more crowd-pleasers in the mountains. A custom Chevy truck was the biggest star at a Revelstoke, BC show and it had two things we liked: crowd appeal and a very long history with its talented retired firefighter owner.


49 igp2629


This was his first vehicle and he had performed serious magic on it over the decades-it made a great MSCC story.


We found another BC car at a lakeside resort town that was a perfect blend of style and custom. This 1957 Buick was flawless and was destined to be a trophy car at every show plus it was a solid MSCC article.


57 igp2672


A 1950 Pontiac Chieftain was the center of attention on Main Street at a small town show. This ride was built on a budget by an old school car guy and he was a magician when it came to bang for the buck. Seriously cool and old school in every way plus it became another MSCC story.


50 igp3410


We make no secret of the fact we love vehicles with a long history in one family and we found plenty of them in 2014.


The connection between the generations can be found in a vehicle and this 1967 Ford Ranchero was passed along from grandmother to grandson over the years.


ford imgp0391


We also look for the unusual rides at car shows and this 1977 Volkswagen Hormiga exceeds our standards by a wide margin. We encountered one at a show and realized we had never heard of this VW model, let alone seen one so it had to be another MSCC story.


77 imgp7456


This truck’s odd connection to an infamous street gang is outlined in the story, but the real story is a bizarre guest at a car show.


One of the most interesting excursions was a pre-auction visit to a vintage boneyard filled with classic rides from a bygone era. This collection was featured in September 2014 MSCC Fallen Stars.




Many of them were destined to serve a greater cause as part donors, but several will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship for the right buyer.




We hope as many of them as possible will get a happy ending after the hammer came down at the auction and look forward to a reunion at a future car show.




But it will not be in 2015 unless the owners can find some of the pure fantasy portrayed in TV car restoration shows.


We had a great car show season in 2014 and you will see these stars on the pages of MSCC in 2015.


These stories will make a very happy new year for all of us.


Jim Sutherland

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