Kurt is like most car guys-always looking.


But in Kurt’s case he acted on impulse and bought this unique 1971 Javelin AMX on eBay.


That was before he told his wife that he’d used her eBay account to buy this rare AMC pony car.


Her reaction was simple “What? You just bought a car”? Deep inside this chain of events is a life lesson for married guys-shock your wife with a large purchase in her name and the purchase itself (a collector car) will appear to diminish in importance.


In theory…


Kirk may have inadvertently stumbled upon the perfect shock and awe strategy for the purchase of collector cars within a sound marriage. But the biggest factor in this purchase is the car itself-this is an extremely nice example from the early 1970s pony car era.



That’s not surprising-the car came from a Mercedes dealership that specializes in muscle cars.


Kirk is a former dirt track racer so he knows his way around a car and he was very clinical about this AMX. He recognized that the factory 401 motor “wasn’t that strong” so he’s worked out a realistic game plan. He’s going to “pull out the old one out, get a crate motor, get the original done right and eventually put it back in”.


Time is a premium for Kirk so shortly after delivery he’d done some very basic things like changing out the bias ply tires (ex-racers don’t like substandard rubber) and a few minor tune-up items.



The car has a California heritage and reflects it well-this is a mint bodied 1973 Javelin. You won’t find solid iron like that in the rust belt so Kirk is definitely ahead of the curve in terms of expensive bodywork. No doubt that was part of his pitch to his wife when she received eBay confirmation for an AMX.



Currently Kirk is on a fact-finding mission with the Javelin AMX. Its main duty consists of small jaunts around town as he sorts out the program for bringing this car 100% back to factory fresh.



No word on whether his wife has changed her eBay password.


Jerry Sutherland


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ROBERT:”I hope he bought it in his own name! If she leaves him, at least he’ll have his car”.