Pi is a number from the geometry world that has no final number in its sequence (3.14 etc…).


For some reason Pi has replaced women in the lives of many math nerds that seem to find this information more interesting than chicks.


Maybe chasing infinite numbers has more possibility to achieve success than chasing women for these guys.


However, the fact that Pi has no end number to it does correlate very well with the scientific law of vintage rides that states: “no collector vehicle has any remote possibility of total completion”.


It simply cannot be done.


Most car guys will agree that a car is never complete in an absolute sense. Maybe a bolt is missing, maybe a trim piece needs an upgrade, or maybe a 50-year-old original engine expelled its last toxic fumes. The to-do list can be as long as Pi, or as short as the attention span of a pothead with ADD.




Either way it will never be complete because incompletion is a perfect plan for an imperfect world. Nerds should devote all of their misspent youth to chasing an infinite number because it gives them a reason for their spare time that won’t reject them for a Friday night date. Car guys should always have a car issue because it is part of the magic of old cars.




Car guys like to tinker with cars and old cars give them that pleasure-in spades. As car guys get older, they find themselves in less risky pursuits. Gone are the days of youth when working on cars, chasing babes and fighting took the top 3 on the hobby list.


Older car guys usually have one item left on their hobby list and that item has four wheels. Chasing babes as a married guy will now mean a sideline seat in a fight between two divorce lawyers, so older car guys have the one thing left on their list from their youth-the cars from their youth.




They understand cars from a bygone era better than most other features of their present lives. The older car components are simpler and they do not require a doctoral degree in computer science to tinker with them like the new cars. Plus they are never quite finished so car guys can always enjoy a moment of accomplishment when they check off another item on the car’s infinite to-do list.




These projects are a perfect solution for car guys who want to re-visit the endless summer of their youth and that era’s classic cars that grabbed their attention. Now they get to spend the autumn of their lives in the garage making an actual winter disappear in a hurry so they can have their dream car on the road by actual spring. It’s a perfect world for car guys because that car project will never be 100% of the way to completion. And that is part of the charm.


We can’t speak for the nerds.


Jim Sutherland

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