It may come as a surprise that almost 100% of the heavy lifting here at MyStarCollectorCar is done by identical twins.


Jerry and Jim (me) Sutherland write most of the material found on our MyStarCollectorCar web pages.


The articles written by us range from observations about the old car hobby to stories about vintage cars and trucks. We have one goal in mind when we write pieces for MyStarCollectorCar: write a lot of material to keep our lofty position in Google.




There are actually two ways to ascend Mt. Google-and one way is to pay them for the privilege. The fine people at Google love this plan because they will push your website to the top of Page One toward that lofty location above the rest. We at MyStarCollectorcar have never paid Google for a fast trip to the top of Page One.


The trip may be fast but it is also fleeting when the Google rocket ship runs out of fuel and begins its fast descent back to reality.


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We choose the other way to move to the top of the page: we change our primary topic at the top of our front page every day; thus our rise to the top of Google has been done through hard work and plenty of written content.




There were many people who doubted whether we could actually write something new every day and thought we might run out of material when we decided to change our philosophy back in 2009. Initially we wanted to imitate print and kept our stories frozen for a month on our website.




That decision? Not smart in an idiotic sense because the Internet and Google do not work in that fashion. They seek websites that are in constant motion, so we decided to add more written content and photos to our presentation.




It turned out that we made a great move and could indeed write new material on a daily basis if we supplemented our car/truck stories, car/truck-show stories, and cars/trucks-on-the-street articles with editorials about the hobby.




The editorials have now exceeded 1000 in total and are a fundamental part of our plan to provide MyStarCollectorCar readers with brand new material at the top of Page One every day.




We also decided to write our car and truck stories within a week of an interview with the owners. Consequently, we are able to write about the vintage rides while we still remember the vehicle and owner. The upside is the owners still remember us if we need to contact them for further information.




The only downside is the identical twin equation. Jerry and I follow the crowds at shows because they are usually interested in the same vehicles as our MyStarCollectorCar readers- so we go where they go-and sometimes Jerry and I end up at the same car.




A good example is a car that Jerry discovered in May, 2017 because I discovered the same car in September, 2017. Jerry’s result appeared this month on our website and we see no need to run my story or photos of the same car in 2018.




Neither of us are equipped with the twin ESP option and the owner did not connect the identical twin dots during the interview process. We don’t blame him because our initial interviews typically run several months behind actual publication on MyStarCollectorCar.




We meet many owners during the car show season and are glad our wires do not cross more often over the ensuing months. Jerry saw the same car and had the same reaction to this car (and its back story) as me-about 5 months later.




The only question left in the equation was pretty basic: was this a twin moment or a MyStarCollectorCar writer moment?



BY: Jim Sutherland

Jim Sutherland is a veteran automotive writer whose work has been published by many major print and online publications. The list includes Calgary Herald, The Truth About Cars, Red Deer Advocate, RPM Magazine, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Windsor Star, Vancouver Province, and Post Media Wheels Section.  




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