52 chevy truck new rims tires 2nd april 09 032

52 chevy truck new rims  tires 2nd  april 09 032Rik came to the point in the project where he could make plans for a working vehicle. In many cases the concept of a mobile vehicle after inheriting a big puzzle revolves around pushing a frame around a garage.

Rik has simple plans for his truck-“I will be using it as a truck, not as a show and shine, l think it’s a bit pissed with me, it thought it was going to retire but l told it other wise”.

The common thread throughout this project was Rik’s adherence to a serious game plan.

He’s very realistic about the level of restoration “I read a story on a web site called stovebolt, a guy had the same truck as mine in the States, he called it a 30 yarder,?? because it looks good at 30 yards, l might be using that phrase in the near future.

People ask me, why didn’t you spend time trying to knock out all the dents and dings, the same reason that l didn’t spend thousands on paint and body work-

it’s not going to win any beauty contests and l would be really pissed if l or someone dinged it, this way l can always fix it or you won’t notice it so much, at the end of the day l like to think l have a neat looking old truck that still working for a living, I’ve tried to keep it as was as”.

52 chevy truck  almost complete 6th  mar  09 005

Basically this is a story about the how and why of a self-administered project. Rik kept the level of talent required for the truck within his skill set, approached with a positive attitude and made organization the cornerstone of the project.

52 chevy truck  almost there 05 mar  09 025

The key to any project is to have fun before, during and after the process. Most do it yourselfers bring something to the table but after completion of a project like this, they will be light years ahead of where they started in knowledge and expertise.

Typically guys like Rik will take on another project after the first one simply because of the challenge, and more importantly…the fun.

52 chevy truck  almost complete 6th  mar  09 007

52 chevy truck  almost there 05 mar  09 027

52 chevy truck cab almost there 03 feb 09 02152 chevy truck cab radio  carpet  seat april 19-09 02452 chevy truck goodies and back box cover and rails  22nd mar 09 02452 chevy truck new rims  tires 2nd  april 09 022

We haven’t checked with Rik lately,but given the success of this project, it’s a safe bet that he’ll take on another jigsaw puzzle-possibly with even more missing pieces.