If you are reading this article, then you are already among the converts to the Internet.


Some holdouts remain, but we suspect there were probably cavemen in a prehistoric era who believed that fire was a passing fad.


The fact is the Internet is here to stay, warts and all, but there is a big upside for car guys.


The Internet can be a fast and invaluable way to connect with an entire community of like-minded car guys that are more than willing to share information.


The advent of online forums has turned car guys into a big community of similar make, model and even specific years of members with a common automotive bond.


Some of them have already been down the same path that you have chosen for your ride and will be able to offer the path of least resistance and pain to you.


And anybody who has already walked in the very dangerous restoration (or resto-mod) minefield is likely to be your brand new best friend.



They have already spilled blood in this game and will be ready to offer advice from the car guy front lines to the new guys.


They know who to trust and who to avoid like an Ebola plague in car world. They know which aftermarket parts fit and why you may want to re-think that plan to put a big block where it really doesn’t belong.


Not every kernel of advice is gold, but the forum world is fairly democratic, so you can assume that a majority of posters that steer you in one direction is likely the best route under the circumstances.



The other route for advice is the social networks such as Facebook. Facebook is a force, and you can search pretty quickly to find a network of car guys with your interests in a particular vehicle.


The point is that you can be a part of a world that will get you in touch with the right people. They may even point you in the right direction to purchase your dream ride, if you don’t own one already.



Now obviously not everybody will have your best interests in mind. Unfortunately there are conscience –free maggots in every facet of life, and the Internet can provide very safe camouflage for these lowlifes.



But a judicious search for information about people that have a product or service to offer will usually produce the straight goods, and that is where a reputable forum or Facebook site will help.




James Taylor was right,”you’ve got a friend” in car world and most of them will have your back – and help you avoid contact with the crooks.


Jim Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com 

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We love old iron.



BEN:”Anyone who has read the original article I wrote on my 1960 Plymouth Savoy, will have gotten themselves an eyeful of-“geez, I’d have given up long agos”-followed by-“so who can you trust?” Between the “friend” who knew how to rebuild engines, as in rebuild them into a “Boat Anchor”, then the experience with the so-called “Good Used Engine” from the major automotive mail order place, to the roller coaster ride involving the place that was installing their rebuilt engine, and along the way, damaged the Transmission, punched the stud for the right side Motor Mount into the Crossmember, while installing the rebuilt Motor, then wrecked the right side Motor Mount trying to weld it in place, and then installing a supposedly good used Transmission to replace the one they damaged, which turned out to be a piece of junk, to the MAACO that screwed me over on the bodywork and paint, it’s a miracle that Plymouth made it this far, not to mention its owner. So, how’s that for a mine field in brief?”