Wayne and Beverly Armstrong are a great team and so is their dynamic duo on their road trips.

They are the proud owners of a resto-mod 1950 Pontiac Sedan Delivery and a customized 1972 Boler trailer.







The Boler has been modified to resemble the Pontiac Sedan Delivery and the result is a striking combination of function and style. The two of them were a star attraction at a major car show last summer for a number of reasons.


The first reason was the Pontiac Sedan Delivery because these vehicles do not exist in great abundance 63 years after they left the factory. The Poncho delivery vans were designed for a working world that used them up and got rid of them after they could no longer carry their weight on the job.


Retirement was not gentle for the Pontiac Sedan Delivery models and most of them found their way to the nearest junkyard because few people wanted a used-up commercial vehicle.



may13-50pontjuly-aug 5 2012 jim pix thursday shows and super run 401-001



Wayne and Beverly’s Sedan Delivery was spared a date with the crusher, but it was a rotting mess that had lost about a foot of metal at the bottom of the vehicle. Most people would look at the Poncho as a lost cause but Wayne looked at the forlorn delivery van as a challenge.


It was a big challenge that took a great deal of time for Wayne and Beverly. Wayne put a 1981 Pontiac Parisienne floor and sub-frame under the car along with a mid-80s Chevy with an air ride system. He threw in a 383 stroker to power his Poncho down the road.





Beverly did the interior and she included Wayne’s custom rear seats that sit a little higher to give back seat passengers a better view out the front windshield.



may13-50pontjuly-aug 5 2012 jim pix thursday shows and super run 411-002



The custom paint job took the cool factor through the roof on the Sedan Delivery, especially when it brought a custom Boler trailer to the show. The Boler shared the paint scheme and basic looks of the Poncho because Wayne had taken a fiberglass mold of the Pontiac’s fenders and used them on the trailer.



may13-50pontjuly-aug 5 2012 jim pix thursday shows and super run 408-001



Wayne also added a propane tank cover that was shaped like the Pontiac hood. The belt line of the Boler is the same height as the Sedan Delivery, so the paint combination is a perfect match from the front bumper of the Pontiac to the tail end of the Boler.



may13-50pontjuly-aug 5 2012 jim pix thursday shows and super run 405-001



Another one of the things we liked about the Pontiac Sedan Delivery was its original chrome package. A lot of the style found in the 50s cars from Detroit was the massive amount of chrome on them. The chrome bling was something that was not lost on Wayne because he felt that the chrome “makes the car.” We did not disagree with him.






The Pontiac Sedan Delivery is a rare addition to any show and it becomes an instant show-stealer when you add the custom features found in Wayne and Beverly’s Poncho.



The ultra-cool custom Boler is the icing on the cake.


Jim Sutherland

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