The annual Sylvan Lake car show used to take place right across from the beach area until a major traffic route face lift in the resort town moved the Lakeshore Drive car event to a golf course a few miles from the beach.


We really like any opportunity to photograph vehicles near bodies of water because summer at the lake and classic old rides go together well as a pleasant reminder of temporary warm weather escape from long months of grim winter.



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The new location near the golf course is a very good alternative to the old lakeside location and offers a lush green staging area on a well-manicured lawn.


This show gets bigger every year because Sylvan Lake is a solid summer tourist attraction in Central Alberta and nothing beats a summer cruise to a lake town on a hot summer day.


This year’s show appeared to be an International Harvester truck convention at the lake, except that most of the Corn-binders were owned by one local car guy who likes to collect unusual vehicles.


syl- igp3483


We will likely track down the local King of the Corn-binders for a future MSCC feature because we know where to find him.


One of the vehicles at the Sylvan Lake show created a ton of buzz. Bear in mind this show attracts many very interesting rides and you need a four-wheeled version of a rock superstar to rise above the other attendees.


The buzz was created by an amazing 1949 Cadillac that has appeared in six major hot rod magazines since it was completed with over 106 custom modifications.


syl- igp3490


The car is a head-turner to say the very least and you can look forward to a full report on this Caddy in a future MSCC feature.


We ran into a friendly bunch of car guys and girls from the Iron Indian Pontiac Club Edmonton club and interviewed the proud owner of a beautiful 1970 Pontiac GTO. He had invested plenty of money into his Goat and was able to bring the Poncho back to its just-out-of-the-showroom condition.


syl- igp3497


Read how a guy who liked late 60s Chargers ended up with a classic muscle car from another manufacturer in a future MSCC article.


You can never go wrong with a 1927 Model T hot rod at a summer show in a lake resort town because custom Ts and warm weather go together like cold beer and a frosty glass in July.


The Model T is a mainstay for hot rodders past and present, so they are a welcome addition to any show.




The most important part of the equation are the personal touches that become a part of the owner’s vision for a custom hot rod project and this ’27 T has plenty of interesting surprises for a future MSCC story line.


There is a long-standing notion that few things in life are better than a day at the beach and who could argue with this concept?


Nobody-outside of the many people who attended the annual Sylvan Lake car a mile or two south of the beach.


Jim Sutherland

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