The 2017 car season will unfold this month (weather permitting) up here in our neck of the woods and MSCC can hardly wait to hit the car shows.


We will continue to seek out the story behind the vehicles because every one of them have a story-some are just better than others.


We actually started the concept of with an idea in 2007.

We wanted to reach the mainstream car guys and tell their stories to our readers. The process started with a name choice and our initial choice was Average because we wanted to reach the average car guy and tell their story.




We wanted to reach the kind of car owner who had to think about how much money they could throw at their investment into the car hobby. Most car guys and girls fall into this category and we thought their story about how they managed to put an old ride on the road-and why they did it- was a worthwhile story that needed to be told to others in the hobby.




The second part of the equation was to find the right computer nerd to put our website together and it started with interviews. Our first guy listened to our game plan and liked our initial name choice (Average enough to register it as a domain name to strong-arm us into using his services.




Needless to say, we were not impressed with his approach and our suggestions about where he could conceal Average on his person cannot be printed in our G-rated text here at MSCC. We also told him we could easily find a new name without his services and we eventually came up with a better name: We fired up MSCC on April 2nd, 2009 and we never looked back since that glorious day.


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We chose MyStar because it said a lot about the connection between vehicle and owner. The typical owner interviewed by us has an emotional attachment to their ride and we want to tell the story. The story usually involves sacrifice, time, money and effort to put the vehicle on the road.




The degree of investment varies wildly from ride to ride because of financial restraints, but the money angle does not reflect the owners’ connection to their vehicles. Their rides are truly stars in their world for a variety of reasons that range from sentimental to style.




Working men and women are the typical owners for our MSCC stories. We have never done a story on a Ferrari or Duesenberg here at MyStar because most of our readers would never be able to own one and were raised on mainstream Detroit rides.




We cannot completely rule out high end rides as a feature story but since we are not Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars or those two pretentious guys from Restoration Garage/The Guild, we will have to find them at a typical car show attended by average Joes. We are more than OK with that game plan.




Quite frankly, MSCC would not be a good fit at Pebble Beach because Detroit’s factory-built finest will always be the vehicles that grab our attention at shows.




The factory rides were always the stars in our car universe and we are already excited about seeing them again this year on the car show circuit.        


Jim Sutherland


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