The recent U.S. election reminds us every day of the ugly side of life.


Politics, by its very nature, is a sleazy world where ego and ambition will short-circuit honor and integrity.


There are few exceptions to this basic rule of thumb where successful politicians typically represent their own interests far more than their constituents.


Most people are very tired of a daily onslaught of accusations and lies that have little to do with whether either candidate is actually capable of handling the most powerful political position on the planet. Most people wonder how a country of 323 million people managed to distill its presidential process down to this circus.





There are really only two choices left: drink yourself into a stupor for the next four years and cloud this terrible reality with a boozy veil-or escape to a warm and wonderful place called the car hobby.





The car hobby has some good ways to escape reality. The most inexpensive way is to simply attend car shows during the summer months. You do not need to own a vehicle in order to attend a car show and most shows do not have a gate admission for onlookers.





A car show provides a solid escape from the realities of a world filled with too many examples of life’s darker side; whether they are senseless acts of random violence for a religious cause-or senseless acts of ruthless ambition for a political cause.




Instead a car show will introduce you to a large gathering of people who leave their baggage at home and enjoy the simple pleasure of an old car. They are happy because their cars remind them of good times from a simpler era in their lives.




Maybe it was riding in their parents’ car when they were kids when that car played an important role in a memorable summer vacation from their childhood.




Maybe it was a car they wanted to own when they were young and the car was too expensive. Now they have reached a point where they can afford to own or build the car of their dreams and drive it to shows.





Maybe they have always had a hot rod heart and enough talent to make their own automotive statement on the street.




There are plenty of reasons car shows make people happy and none of them have anything to do with mud-slinging from anything other than the rear tires on the ride.




The other way to escape reality in the car hobby usually takes place during the long winter months when car shows are not an option in many areas of North America. Winter offers an opportunity to escape the grim reality of the senseless part of life in a warm garage with a car project.




The real world is on the other side of the garage door for car guys. They have found a safe haven from the lowlifes who exist outside of their garage and they can visit this sanctuary from grim reality any time they want to work on the car of their dreams.




A garage provides a happy world where challenges and accomplishments go hand in hand when it comes to a car project.




The outside world can be a rough place where innocent people are sometimes hurt or killed for horrific reasons and guilty people sometimes run for office.




The car hobby is a great place to escape that reality.


Jim Sutherland


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