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arizona imgp6872Arizona has a cash crunch. They are not alone in this problem, but one of their solutions has their residents up in arms- or at least full bladders. They’ve closed 13 out of 18 highway restrooms and the people are not happy.

Now a nature call might get a little more natural because of the padlocks on the restroom doors.

The closure will probably send Big Gulp sales into a nosedive, but adult Pampers might take up the sales slack. Pampers may not be just for the very young and very old in Arizona.

They could be a growth industry.

The real solution may come from the people of Arizona. They are not going to take this sitting down, or presumably standing up, and have voiced their anger to politicians. Elections are basically popularity contests that pay fairly good wages to the winners, so most politicians will listen to any issue that could cost them a steady paycheck.

And padlocked highway johns are on the radar.

The movement to free the Restroom 13 has gained some serious momentum in Arizona. Voters with fully operational body organs are a large part of the voter population. Angry and motivated voters can easily flush a politician’s career down a wild rapids ride, given the right hot button issue. Boarded-up restrooms might be enough to flush away a political career.

So the Arizona lawmakers have decided to re-visit the issue. They would like to turn the closed restrooms over to private enterprise or local jurisdictions. The problem is that federal interstate laws prohibit the transfer of restrooms to local management.

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The US government would have to allow Arizona to sub-contract out the 13 closed bathrooms. Can anyone explain how any of this makes any sense?  The locks are still on the restroom doors and pressure is rising to remedy the situation. They better fix things as soon as possible, because that’s not a happy dance on Arizona highways these days.

Let’s hope that relief is in sight.


DENNIS:”I guess this doesn’t qualify as one of those “shovel ready projects” all that “stimulus” money was voted in for. Obviously it’s not as important as “Turtle Tunnels” under the roadway were, here in Florida. I wonder if Arizona motorists had to share those bathrooms with an “endangered species” (other than the American taxpayer), if it would make a difference?”