Hal Layden is not a typical car guy.


That’s why his ownership of this 1930 Chevrolet is unique-cars of this era are a test for seasoned car guys let alone a novice.



In fact, it was literally “the luck of the draw” that made Hal the proud owner of this 80-year-old car.


But that’s the beauty of the car hobby-you can get in late with a unique vehicle and be an instant member of the community-that’s been Hal’s experience.



The car was donated to a lottery by an older couple who had owned “Miss Daisy” for many enjoyable years. This car was so much a part of the family that the wife wrote a poem for the car-an “Ode to Miss Daisy”. But the charity was also a big part of their lives and the elderly owners were past the stage where they could drive the car.



Hal’s friend was the lucky winner so for 2 dollars he owned this Depression-era classic but he wasn’t sold on the old car-he was a guy who prefers automotive speed to automotive antiquity. Hal was really taken by this 30s Chevy so he made a fair offer-considerably more than the 2 dollar raffle ticket.


Hal wasn’t quite as lucky as his lottery winning buddy-the car needed a little attention and he counted on some business contracts to finance the work. That didn’t pan out immediately so Hal went through the ever-present car guy rite of passage-sweating bullets about the future of the car when funds get a little low.



Hal is fearless in the old Chev-he has no problem driving it out to a local lake resort-at 40 mph…50 with a tail wind and downhill grade. He’s learned all about the 30s brakes as they relate to modern idiocy in traffic but Hal is clearly an open-minded guy.



That’s how you survive with 1930s tech in a 21st Century world-that’s what makes old car novice Hal Layden a true car guy.


Jerry Sutherland