The idea of any sport is to kick dirt in your opponent’s face and win.


Take no prisoners and break the will of your opponents and you will be a champion.


That is the way it is supposed to work in sports and, for that matter, nature in a survival-of-fittest kind of way.


Slow gazelles make a tasty entrée for lions and hyenas.


But not in NASCAR– they have a better idea in a New Coke kind of way.



Now drivers have to declare their major before the start of the season. So a Sprint Cup driver can compete in Nationwide or Truck and blow the doors off the competition.


He can leave with the victory and all the first place money, but he can forget about the points in the lower series.

We Are The Championswill have a very hollow ring to it when the trophies are handed out to the best of the also-rans in the lower divisions.The champions in these divisions will probably feel a little foolish when they accept the hardware.


I was the best guy left on the track when I finished behind Edwards, Busch and six other Cup guys this year”. That will make for some pretty weak bragging rights at the awards after-party, and the chicks are still going to dig the Cup boys anyway.



The whole idea of sports is rooted in the spirit of competition. Like the song says; “Some gotta win some gotta lose”, but goodtime Charlie’s really got the blues when race losers become champs.


This whole idea reeks of Bizarro Superman world where everything is opposite and completely off the rails. Maybe Superman hated kryptonite, but he despised the Bizarro Supermen for their incredible stupidity and incompetence. Superman probably had to seriously resist the urge to light these clowns up with a stiff jolt of heat vision-except that it made them laugh instead of broil.



One would like to think the Nationwide and Truck champs would politely decline their awards at the end of the season banquet.


One would hope that a Bizarro championship would have little or no appeal to them as rational non-Bizarro earthlings.

Jim Sutherland

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BOB:”I might be mistaken but I recall the cup guys just ran the Nationwide type races only once in a while. It’s just been the last 10yrs that the Cup guys are making a weekly appearance. I was a big NASCAR fan from 1960 to around 1990. The last 20 yrs not so much. Although this year has captured my interest.