Barrett-Jackson is such a huge event it attracts a lot of A-list celebrities.


Combine a world class event with a world class venue and you will get world class attention.


Most car guys will focus on car guy celebrities so when a living legend at the level of a Carroll Shelby showed up at Barrett-Jackson, he was a guaranteed mob scene.


The car hobby has many tentacles into mainstream culture so a major auction like this one will attract some big names who may not resonate with the mainstream car guys.


CeeLo Green is one of those guys.


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The easiest way to spot a celebrity at the Barrett-Jackson auction is to look for the crowds, the lights and the cameras. CeeLo was doing a promotion and there he was in the middle of a mob of people and a boatload of hi-tech video equipment.


I recognized CeeLo but later on, I didn’t ID Bubba Watson. I’m not even close to being a golf fan so I had no idea who he was, but what I did gather was that he was a very serious car guy.


He did the interview twice because he was wearing sunglasses and it didn’t mesh well with the camera so he had to repeat his interview word for word.


Bubba was gracious, patient and totally professional, so my personal opinion was simple—this unidentifiable celebrity was a good guy who was dedicated to cars and charity work.


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Later on, my nephew Angus told me he was Bubba Watson when I showed him the picture. I’m still not a golf fan, but Bubba sure looked like a stand up car guy to me.


That’s all that really matters in the world of classic iron.


Jerry Sutherland

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