The idea of Christmas is one of the finest memories of childhood for all of us.


Months of TV commercials about the latest toys were the stuff of dreams for kids back in the day.


Eventually the mania reached a fever pitch before a burst of unbridled joy was the order of the day when the right toy was under the tree on Christmas morning.



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The magic of Christmas is the exclusive domain of kids for the most part. The program is pretty basic: a stranger breaks into the house and leaves gifts.


Santa’s game plan runs in a completely different direction than the average break and enter artist and it has built him an amazing army of young fans.


Age changes the illusion and suddenly we are not thrilled with toys as a general rule. The huge exception to this rule might be car guys because they have their own set of toys that would look good in the driveway on Christmas Day.


We at MyStar decided to take a look at what kinds of toys for big boys would make the grade on Christmas morning. None of the car guy toys would fit under any tree smaller than the Rockefeller Square tree, but they are the stuff of dreams for car guys.




One of the most obvious choices is a Tri-five Chevy. These iconic cars from the General were the first truly modern-era rides produced by Chevy in the post war era. A 1954 Chevy looked nothing like a 1955 Chevy and people bought into the new look then and now.



There are few cars with a bigger and more loyal following than the Tri-Five Chevys. The cars represent the start of a new era in car design and a time when the space race had left the launch pad.


An interesting fact about the Tri-Five Chevys: they never went out of favor with the public-ever- even though the style changes from the mid- 50s Chevys to the early 60s Chevys were even more dramatic than the changes from 1954 to 1955 for Chevy.



The difference was a Tri-Five Chevy never became dated and uncool to car guys. The Tri-Fives were the foundation for serious horsepower in the 60s and the trend continues to this very day.


The two doors, convertibles and Nomads are the favorite toy choices for the Tri-Fivers because they lend themselves so well to the styling cues found in the 1955-57 Chevy body design.




Ownership of a Tri-Five Chevy in 2014 will elevate their owners to higher levels of coolness and envy in the eyes of onlookers. The cars define an era and Hollywood has picked up on the Tri-Five Chevy over the years as a movie star.


Think of movies like ‘American Graffiti’ or ‘Two Lane Blacktop’ and you will remember the important role a 1955 Chevy played in both movies. The interesting part? The same car was used in both movies-talk about star power.


tri-feb13-amsouthwest orange-20121104-472


The movie car will now be a major star at the 2015 Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale where it will go home with a new owner.


Just call it a late Christmas toy for a grown up boy with deep pockets.


This car will illustrate just how popular the Tri-Five has become in car circles and will show what many car guys really want for Christmas: a 1955,’56 or ’57 Chevy.


Jim Sutherland

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