We have been asked why we don’t cover the motorcycle scene at MSCC.


We do notice that the two-wheeled crowd also like the four-wheeled shows and we admire their diversity of interests, but that is not us.


We are car and truck guys with a minimum of 4-wheel rule…except for the Isetta.




We have no issue with the two-wheeled people, they like what they like and we like what we like-something with two more wheels touching the pavement. The lines get a little blurred when a trike-bike or an Isetta cloud the issue a little, but you get the picture.


Bikes provide a sense of open air freedom to their owners. The bike rider will travel through rain, sun and snow to reach their destination and they will be well aware of the weather along the way. It is a major part of the charm and curse of bikes that draws their owners to the game.


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A convertible car owner can enjoy the elements in the same manner as a bike rider and still put up the top when they decide to seek shelter from crappy weather. The car owners can drive through bad weather and stay dry and warm along the way. This concept just makes sense to us.


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We also admit we don’t really understand bikes well enough to devote our articles to them. We are knuckleheads but we know precious little about knucklehead engines on Harley motorcycles.


In fact, we can barely tell a Honda from a Harley until the bike is fired up and running down the road. The distinctive sound of a Harley engine is a dead give-away, including the un-muffled and unwelcome serenade of a guy obsessively twisting the throttle at every light.




Sure we liked ‘Easy Rider‘, but mostly for the soundtrack and skinny-dipping naked chicks. However, we loved ‘Vanishing Point’, mostly for the Challenger, a little for the soundtrack and a lot for the naked blonde chick on the motorbike. In fairness, the motorbike was pretty incidental to the rider, but the hot chick definitely gave us a good reason to own a bike-not a better reason than the Challenger-but still a pretty good reason.


We have seen a few bikes that were not ridden by naked chicks that still caught our interest. A sharp custom bike with a T-Bird back end was pretty cool, while a V-8 powered 2-wheeled motor cycle was also pretty unusual. We kept thinking about how much it would sting to drop that giant-engine bike on its side while riding it.


dec12-bike2011 jim pix cars etc. etc 907-001


We also saw a very wild bike on the street powered by a tricked-out car engine that was pretty hard to ignore, so we are not completely oblivious to the bike scene, even if we are not particularly hip to it. It seems that the magic ingredient for us is either a car-based feature added to the bike or a naked chick added to the bike.




Either way helps bridge the gap of interest between us at MSCC and the bike culture.

Jim Sutherland

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