We all have an annual tradition wherein we set personal goals to become better at everything in the New Year.


We decide to get thinner, healthier and less likely to be led into temptation by anything fun.


We feel the need to embrace monk-like existences and swear off the things that make life worth living as we begin the New Year.



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Early in the year it takes little or no time for people to realize their choices were actually pretty stupid and highly unrealistic whims.


We are not like that at MSCC. We have chosen to improve ourselves with some realistic goals for 2014. For starters, we are going to move people out of our car photo shoots a little more vigorously in the new year.


We won’t actually throw a chokehold on them and drag them out of the shot in a stirring tribute to civil unrest videos like the 1968 Democratic Convention riot footage and we won’t hit them with a quick jolt from a cattle prod to move them.


We like these ideas but most legal experts would be against these measures as a practical solution to our photo shoot problems.


Instead we will politely ask them to move out of the photo shoot, even though about half the people we ask are somewhat offended by our request.


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We will however press a little harder with this game plan because we are tired of blurring out strangers’ faces in our car show shoots.


The vintage rides are the stars for us and a crowd of people around the vehicles literally stand in the way of a good look at the star.


We see nothing wrong with a more concerted effort to show you the many incredible vehicles we see during the car show season without Martha, Howard and the grandkids blocking the shot.


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We will also try to track down even more of the unusual guests at car shows this year. Last year we zeroed in on the vehicles that caught a big wave of attention the minute we spotted them at events.


The problem was most of the time it was easy for us to find the vehicles and difficult to track down the owners in many cases.


We were lucky when several car and truck owners took the time to contact us via the phone number (or through our website address) printed on our business cards after we left them on their vehicles.


One of the owners’ stories appears in our Star Truckin’ section this month (January 2014) after she contacted us about her 1967 Chevy pickup.




This year we will dial up the pressure even more when we find an interesting vehicle. We will stop short of throwing ourselves in front of their rides when they are leaving to stop them, but we will do our best to bring more of the vehicles that steal shows.


Bear in mind the vehicles that capture the public’s attention at shows range from 100 point restorations to grand-dad’s faithful old farm truck.




People are interested in the unusual rides and we will continue to pursue these types of stories for our website because our readers love them.


Our motto insists every vehicle has a story and we truly believe that to be a true assessment of the car hobby.


However, we will continue to pursue the best stories we can find about the relationship between the vehicle and its owner.


That is our New Year’s resolution every year at MSCC.


Jim Sutherland

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