july12-fury42011 jim pix cars etc. etc 981-001

july12-fury42011 jim pix cars etc. etc 981-001


Tim Lybeck seemed like a fairly unconventional owner of a pristine 1968 Plymouth Fury III when we met him at a car show.


He was a young guy with a young family and he was the proud new owner of a one-family 1968 Plymouth that was not a muscled-up Roadrunner, Barracuda or GTX.


Instead he was behind the wheel of a full-sized Plymouth Fury that did not exactly turn the same heads as the hot rods from Plymouth. A big Plymouth was built for a mature customer, one who wanted to get from Point A to Point B in style and comfort, so elapsed times were not as important to a typical Fury owner.


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The big Plymouths also offered big engine options but most owners that chose big blocks in full size Plymouths were not exactly worried about winning races. The exception to this rule would be the police services in 1968 that used them as police cars, although passenger comfort really didn’t matter to them.


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But Tim was ready, willing and able to purchase his full-sized Fury from its original owners and he even had a practical aspect to the purchase because it was big enough to haul his young family to car shows and that is exactly where we found them.


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The car is so well preserved that Tim admitted that he “almost hates to drive it” but quickly added that “he has to drive it.” The car shows about 160,000 miles on its clock, so it was clearly driven a fair amount by its original owners.


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The engine has never been touched and still shows 170 psi straight across the board, so it has a lot of life left in it for its new family.


We came away with a basic premise for car guy world: never judge a book by its cover. A giant Plymouth from a time before Tim was even born is a great fit for him and his young family. That is how you start family legacies…a 1968 Fury that will grow older as Tim’s kids grow up in it.


It seems like the perfect succession plan to us.


Jim Sutherland

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