The only consistent feature about the stock market is its inconsistency.


The confusing variables that influence the rise and fall of shares are more complicated than the entire box set of ‘Lost’, and neither really and truly makes any sense.


So we are left with financial analysts that spin out a creative list of reasons why markets move upwards and downwards with such reckless abandon.


Shoveling with both hands does not necessarily make it true, but we have to trot out somebody to explain the inexplicable.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have car guys that choose to invest in vintage internal combustion iron as part of their financial portfolio.


These are the smart guys in my humble opinion.




Sure the vintage vehicle market has not escaped the clutches of cold-blooded soul-less opportunists that have massaged the prices over the years for personal gain, however most car guys are hybrid creatures: they are financially and emotionally committed to their investment.


Most car guys want to reap the kind of emotional dividends that can only be found when a long restoration process results in the sheer joy of a finished project. The heightened actual value of the finished project, be it original or resto-mod, is just icing on the cake.




You can’t take your Microsoft or Apple shares out for a drive on a sunny afternoon. You can bring back a flood of pleasant youthful memories with quality time behind the wheel of your newly restored family heirloom that you rescued from a rusty grave.


There are so many personal reasons why car guys invest in the motoring past that the financial reasons get lost in the shuffle, and that is the way it’s supposed to be in the collector car market.




This was always about the emotional investment in the vehicles. It was always about the old farm truck that served a grandfather so well, or the restored wedding car from a time long ago when two people made a big commitment to each other.




This was never about the debt crisis in Greece or the potential shrinking market share of A&W and your investment in their stocks.


It was always about the emotional feeling that an investment in the golden automotive past can deliver: priceless.


Jim Sutherland

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DENNIS:”Hey, some people invest in stocks, some people invest in gold, I invest in stocks, gold and collector cars. The bottom can fall out of the stock market. If this country ever comes back to its senses and puts a fiscal conservative in the White House, gold is going to go down but there’s always going to be a rich old guy out there somewhere with way too much disposable income, who will buy a collector car



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