This may be a chicken-egg question for most people.


I, on the other hand, will pick the old iron every time in this survey.


There is something so right about quality time behind the wheel of yesterday’s automotive technology.


And getting there is well over half the fun in my humble opinion. There is nothing like staring down the old school hood of a well-sculpted memento from Detroit’s bygone era. It’s good for the soul and it reminds you of how driving can still be fun under the right conditions.


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Inspiration came when I read a piece from a writer that defended the journey over the vehicle and he presented a great argument for his belief-at least for him.


I know the guy is a car guy but these days he seeks his kicks on Route 66 behind the wheel of a well-engineered automotive product from today’s car world. He likes what he sees on the performance end of his new ride: a good mix of power, handling and economy.




These are undeniable facts about today’s vehicles and his logic lies in the assertion that the real lure is the open road for him. Personally I need the open road and a good reason to be on it these days.


The thrill is gone for driving unless it takes place behind the wheel of something that needs to be steered down the road. I need a car or truck with more miles than me on its odometer and a grudging acceptance of the 21st century.




Drivers like me want something that doesn’t cheat the wind very well and goes “whoomph” every time it meets a semi on a two- lane highway and encounters the back draft from the big rig. Maybe it even shudders a little when a very fast-moving semi delivers an extra blast of air.




These are the kind of experiences that wake up old school car drivers and remind them that driving is a gig that gets lost and reduced to a mere distraction for many people in today’s drive-by-wire world.


Old rides are a visceral experience that demand your undivided attention because they will wander on you and choose their own path if you’re not in the same game with them.



They will scare the hell out of you with their single master cylinder drum brakes when close calls with other cars and brake fade in hilly areas test your nerves. Fear will ride shotgun every time you try to make an under- powered original flattie pass too many cars at one time.


Eventually you will remember that old school vehicles are the reason for the journey. They are a step back in time and all they ask of you is to relax and enjoy the ride. You are behind the wheel of the reason for the trip itself and it doesn’t get any better than that on the road.




All you have to do is accept that old school rides typically have great hood ornaments and old school engineering in their DNA.


Neither car nor driver needs to be in a big hurry to get there-they are already there-the minute they turned the key.


That is the sole reason for the journey.


Jim Sutherland

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