I saw a very expensive Ferrari on the road the other day.


Now MSCC is not exactly a high end Euro-car place of worship, but a Ferrari will get your attention on a highway-particularly if the car is dawdling along under the posted speed limit.


I have seen this low- slung beauty a few times over the years, but never at a high rate of speed on the road.


It has always passed by me at a snail’s pace and I have to seriously question why the owner bought it in the first place.


We at MSCC definitely do not endorse warp drive speeds on the highway, but a Ferrari begs for the right driver behind the wheel: a guy with good driving skills and above average levels of testosterone in his system.


It’s a given that real men don’t eat quiche and they do not drive a super-car at less than the posted limit. This is really tugging on Superman’s cape in guy world.


A Ferrari driving adventure under these conditions is a little like taking a supermodel to the library on a date. Your male peers will have zero respect for you in either case.


As I said earlier, MSCC is more of an average Joe car site for average Joes. We don’t date supermodels and we don’t drive Ferraris, so we have to live vicariously through guys that have either option.


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Consequently we are crushed when we see a Ferrari in the hands of drivers that don’t respect their enormous responsibility to their male brethren. You, my friend, are in one of the world’s most famous sports cars and we expect you to keep your end of the bargain.


You don’t need to become Episode 3 Season 7 on the World’s Worst Driver program. You do need to drive that Ferrari with feeling and an appreciation of its potential to give you a reason to hire a really good lawyer because of your giant speeding ticket.




It’s in your contract as a Ferrari owner and, more importantly, a member of the male species. We depend on you to fulfill your end of the bargain and man up behind the wheel of that baby.


Anything less is a crime against nature and would require you to sell the Ferrari and buy some sort of electric car- or something that won’t force us to cast some serious doubts about your manhood.


Have a good day.


Jim Sutherland

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