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The wanderlust of the 60s was evident in the songs of the time.


One of the lesser known songs by the Mamas and Papas was ‘Go Where You Wanna Go’, a song about hitting the road and seeing the world.


The philosophy in the song became the backbone of an entire generation of travelers who set their own terms for life experiences.

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The sentiment in the Mamas and Papas song is still evident in 2014 because there are still adventurists in the modern era.


These are the car guys and girls who choose to hit the open road whenever the opportunity is available to them.


They see no merit in the idea that old rides are meant to be hidden from the world under a thick layer of dust in a garage for months and even years at a time.


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They are appalled at the idea that vintage rides can be shuttled from storage to a trailer and towed in another enclosure to a car show.


These are the nightmares that make them wake up screaming and in a cold sweat at 3 am.



The road kings in the car hobby do not own vehicles simply for the sake of ownership. For them, the prestige is not the pedigree of a numbers-matching, heavily optioned low production car.


They do not build or own custom rides merely to win trophies at shows and they never carefully polish them after they pull them out of the trailer just before the show so they can catch the public’s or judges’ eye.


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They drive them.


They get behind the wheel and head out to the open road. Sometimes they choose the road less traveled-just because they can choose their own path.


They want to jump behind the wheel and head to destinations both known and unknown.



We know one publicity-shy car guy who is a local legend in our town. He gets his Model A rod on the road at the very start of every spring and drives it until the snow flies in autumn. In between are months of time behind the wheel, including journeys through the Rockies to shows on the other side of the mountains from his prairie home.


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This year he has already spent thousands of miles behind the wheel, despite hip replacement surgery in late spring.


Nothing slows this cat down, and nothing will prevent him from going where he wants to go behind the wheel of his A.


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This road king likes to travel with like-minded car guys and girls who enjoy the same philosophy: have vintage ride-will travel.


They pick a destination and point their vehicles in that general direction. They have encountered wind, rain, snow and perfect sunshine days along the way. They embrace every minute behind the wheel and weather conditions really do not matter to them.


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What does matter to them is actual time behind the wheel of their beloved old school cars and trucks.


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They embrace the car hobby in its finest form because they drive them as much as possible during the milder months of the year in the northern hemisphere.



We at MSCC salute these road warriors because they represent the fundamental philosophy of the car hobby:


Drive Them.


Jim Sutherland

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