MSCC fired up our new format in August, 2015 are now celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the best format decision ever made here at


The new format took plenty of trial and a lot of error before we found our mojo with the revamped website.


The new format is based upon the WordPress program which is the choice of every major media site in the world.


There are five good reasons MyStar likes our new format and are very happy with our decision to run with WordPress.


The first reason is the larger photos in our article layouts. Now MyStarCollectorCar readers can enjoy much bigger photos of the real stars (the cars and trucks) in each article. An interesting observation occurred two years ago at a car show on the very day we made a change.




A MyStarCollectorCar reader loved our website-except for the small photos. His timing could not have been better because MSCC made the change (after months of back-and-forth with our website people) that very day, so we invited him to check out the new format-complete with its large photos. He loved the changes to the website-and so did all of our MyStar readers.




We are zeroing in on 1 million photos here at MyStar and we want to share the pics with our readers in the best possible way. Our second-generation format that was developed in 2015 allows us that opportunity.




The second reason is we can make website changes quicker because our new platform and its designer can make alterations to the website whenever we want to improve our product. A good example can be found in our headers where we have added MSCC Market Report to our lineup.


MSCC Market Report is a valuable tool that gives MyStarCollectorCar readers access to current market values for collector vehicles. The figures are gathered from our advertisers who are in the vintage vehicle business and send their sales results to MSCC.


My Star logo1-001


The third reason is the layout is much better with the new format. We mentioned the photo upgrades, but the MyStarCollectorCar format is also vastly improved for written content presentation. The improved WordPress layout of MyStar was designed for print media and it makes our articles easier to read for our loyal (and large) group of daily MyStar fans.




The fourth reason is the website design is more efficient and we can deliver timely pieces in a very timely manner. The biggest reason traditional print media is dying a horrible death is their untimeliness. They are unable to gather and story, print it, and deliver the paper publication to their readers before the ‘Net beats them to the punch. MyStarCollectorCar’s new WordPress format gives us an even faster way to deliver collector car hobby news to our readers.




The fifth reason are sheer numbers. The WordPress format we chose in 2015 has delivered an astounding response from our MyStarCollectorCar readers and we have seen our daily readership skyrocket as a direct result.




 We are surprised and pleased to announce that MSCC has averaged over 60,000 views/day this summer. That number is a dramatic increase over our pre-change numbers from the Summer of 2015.




MyStarCollectorCar would like to thank our new website guys, our advertisers and our readers for their vital role in the ongoing success of our website. We are very grateful for them.    


Jim Sutherland


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