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Here’s another installment in the ever-popular MSCC ‘Dogs in Cars’ series.


This is a constant reminder that you never leave man’s best friend behind when you go for a drive.


How anyone could resist that wagging tail and those pleading eyes is a mystery for the ages but if it’s because your car’s too nice the answer is basic


Sell the car.


Take a look at the scenarios behind some canine buddies out for a ride.



This little fur-ball is in the front seat of a ’59 Ford Galaxie. There’s a pretty good chance this guy doesn’t realize how unique a 1959 Ford is in 2013 but the camera was clearly invading some canine space. The most important thing is riding shotgun.




Here’s a solid example of how non-camera shy some dogs are when faced with a photo-up. This little mutt took a big picture for a little dog at a 2013 car show but that’s what happens when you’re Hollywood handsome.


dogs-img 0120


This guy is clearly the king of the back seat. He wasn’t camera-shy either because this picture is a mixture of “stare directly at the camera confidence and I dare you to stick the camera in the window attitude”.




This is another version of the same “I own the back seat attitude” but this guy gives more of a 60s Woodstock hippie vibe. The odds are pretty good that he’d be cool with sharing that back seat.




These two guys are giving mixed back-seat messages. On the one hand, they look like they’re in a pretty good mood but if things go askew you might end up in a remake of Cujo. Bring a doggie treat and a soothing voice.




This fur-ball is in the back seat of a ’63 Meteor and despite his featherweight status, this little guy is clearly the king of the vintage Ford’s back seat. The pose is pure canine-car interaction.




Here’s another example of riding shotgun-canine style. He’s probably the world’s worst navigator but if he directs you into a snowdrift where you get stuck and it turns into an overnighter you’re going to really appreciate huddling next to this furry block heater.




This guy is an even better bet because if he gets you stuck you’re still going to have that aforementioned furry block heater but his size will also be a factor. There’s a good chance this brute might pull that vintage Chevy truck out of the snowdrift.


dogs-sept 11 2013-grey eagle jim pix 043


Strength in numbers is also a huge factor. These guys will pack up naturally, give you warmth on both sides and defend you from a wolf attack if you get stuck in the Yukon. The little guy will probably hold them off long enough as a wolf appetizer for you and the big guy to escape.




Finally, there’s this guy. He’s in the front seat of a ’54 GMC and he really sums up the “take your dog for a drive”experience.




In doggie world it’s the journey, not the destination because you can take them to the dump-ground or Disneyland and it’s the same joyous experience.


Jerry Sutherland

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