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Car shows are good events by their very nature.


They offer a window to the past for people of all ages and some of the people are old enough to remember when the cars were new, while other are seeing the vintage cars for the first time.

The only major obstacle for car show organizers is bad weather and that problem is not solvable by mere mortals.





However, there are other issues that separate good car shows from great car shows and we at MSCC are in a position to make a few observations in this area.




There are ways that car show organizers can make a good show into a great show. We have been to hundreds of shows over the years and we know both sides of the equation when it comes to what makes a good show because we are on the front lines at these events and encounter plenty of feedback at every show.


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We recommend car shows stick to an annual date to establish a tradition with their event. Moving the date will put the show back to square one and give it less relevance with potential participants because most car guys like to plan their car show travel arrangements well ahead of time.




We also recommend a nominal entry fee for the shows unless there is a major return for the investment for show participants. Most car guys are frugal by nature and want the best bang for the buck, whether for car parts-or perks with their entry fees.




Organizers should also avoid charging any entry fee to onlookers at their shows. Most car shows have no entry charge for the public because it is simply not a good idea. An entry fee will mean organizers can expect a fraction of the attendance by comparison to the many free car shows.




The location of a car show is also a big factor for great car shows. The best shows are found in downtown Main Street areas with plenty of old buildings in the mix.




Great shows are also found on grass in the midst of a picturesque green belt, near a body of water, and in the company of mountains, to name a few solid choices.




Not-so-great car shows are found in retail shopping parking lots where ambience is a pretty scarce commodity.


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Great car shows have the unqualified support of their community and make the car show a centerpiece for a larger event that offers a diverse group of attractions. The vintage cars are still the main stars at these events but they have a strong supporting cast with other attractions.




Great car shows also have great food choices with plenty of options for their customers at a reasonable price. Nothing hurts a car show more than gouging their customers with sticker shock prices.




MSCC is well aware of what it takes to build a great car show because we are there with you at the shows.




We are already excited about our favorite annual great shows and look forward to the possibility of great shows that will be new to us this year.   

Jim Sutherland


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