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Who among us can drive away from a sad-looking dog?


Car rides are like crack cocaine for dogs, so once you get your best 4-legged buddy hooked on a car ride you have become a drug dealer for your canine.


Here are a few examples of heavily addicted mutts (with some observations) in the middle of a car ride high.


Dog number one is clearly taking life as it comes through the back passenger window. This guy is the definition of well-behaved plus he’s a strong case for why most dogs make better passengers than two-year-old kids.


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Dog number two is in a similar position in the back seat but this little guy isn’t quite as laid back. He looks pretty calm on the surface but that perch on the sill suggests Fido might do a half gainer out the window if he sees another mutt.


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Dog number three is riding shotgun but this canine looks less likely to do Olympic freestyle diving out an open window. Rover is pretty comfortable with this perch in life because when you’ve called shotgun you’ve won the lottery.


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Dog number four is in shared shotgun mode. He’s riding in a classic hot rod so that front seat is sacred territory. His human handler has a death grip on the little guy so Rover clearly doesn’t like open headers—high alert for leap out the window status.


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Dog number five is Hollywood handsome and he knows it. There is little chance of a dive out the window but there’s a high risk of this guy leaving a bloody stump where your arm used to be if you stick it in the window. That chain around the neck is a dead giveaway that he’s not too cuddly.


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Dog number six comes courtesy of TV star Patricia Richardson. The Toolman’s wife clearly learned a few things from Tim because this little star is travelling in a real-life doggie bag during a cross country run. No leaps out windows to mar a great road trip.


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Lesson of the day?


Feed your dog’s addiction-don’t drive away from a sad-looking mutt.


Jerry Sutherland

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