John Moore is a Montana boy with a proud military history of service to his country.


He also loves the old iron and is the proud owner of a rare 1955 Chevrolet Cameo pickup truck.


He liked the look, but his Chevy truck is no museum piece or trailer queen.


John drove several thousand miles east and then turned north to join the Coasters for their cross-Canada vintage vehicle tour.


The trip began on the Canadian east coast and headed west to Vancouver Island.


John is no stranger to life behind the wheel as a former Montana open wheel champ, but this journey was not a race. It was just a great way for John to see his neighbors to the north and make some new car guy friends.


The Chevy Cameo is essentially an original rig, although the engine is a replacement mill from a newer 50s-era donor vehicle. It will tour all day at 55-60 mph with a small trailer, but John can run it at 80 if pushed-probably to appease his racer’s need for speed on occasion.



The trailer is a rare U-haul holiday trailer that was available to the public from 1982-86, according to John. It is a functional conversation piece for John that serves him well in his travels.



Despite that fact that the military may have dragged John kicking and screaming out of the service because of mandatory retirement John still likes to find adventure in his life. A Canadian cross country trip in a 55-year-old truck fit the bill.



The truck has been a trooper during the entire journey, but John believes in maintenance. “You don’t love cars if you don’t change oil”, according to John. A chance conversation with a guy who bragged about 11,000 miles between oil changes nearly caused a scrap between John and an irresponsible owner.He’s that passionate about protecting the iron.



John is the clear winner in this debate because he respects his vehicles and they reward him with a trouble-free journey of a lifetime.


It seems like an equitable trade.


Jim Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com  

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