Mark Matheson is not a rookie in the old car hobby but he has paid his dues over time.


This 1972 Chevelle two-door hardtop is the culmination of that experience.


Most of the experience was of a “baptism by fire” nature.


He admitted, “I’ve owned all kinds of different hot rods that I wrecked over the years over the years but I always wanted another one”.


Mark’s next foray into the hobby came in the form of an early 70s Chevelle SS. Clearly that’s a great way to enter the world of old iron but like life, every story is an adventure.




Mark answered an ad for the old classic and met the “old guy” who owned it. He seemed like a straight-up guy and he spun a good back story on the old Chevy.


That history, plus the fact that the elderly owner seemed like a very honest guy, convinced Mark that the history on the Chevy was legitimate. He popped on the deal for the SS.


Mark mapped out a thorough game plan for the car including a complete rotisserie tear-down and rebuild of the classic Chevy.


Car projects are like a trip to your accountant. They can be an extremely positive experience where you get a giant return on your investment or they can be less fun than blunt trauma to the head.




Mark got the blunt trauma to the head. They tore the Chevelle down to the frame and he heard that sentence no car likes to experience, “it’s not worth saving”. The old boy’s story about the Chevelle SS fell apart faster than the rusty floor pans on the old bowtie.


Most car guys have been stung to some degree, not matter how much experience they have on their resume but this Chevelle transaction was definitely the lowest rung on the ladder.


Mark lost a lot of faith in humanity over that car but he was undaunted in his quest for another Chevelle SS. This 1972 version surfaced and Mark acquired another Chevy.


The experience from the first disaster was not lost on Mark so this time he subjected the new Chevelle to a detailed assessment from a neutral third party. This was a guy who was open and honest about the process and he gave Mark a qualified thumbs up on the car.




Mark explained, “He told me here’s where it’s at and here’s what you need to do to get to this point”. That was the best news Mark had received since his son was born.


The pieces of the puzzle fell into place after that conversation and the car became Mark’s new project. He farmed out most of the work to the guy who initially advised him on the second Chevelle.


The project went well and the Chevelle was completely freshened up. The motor was pulled and detailed, the paint was redone and the interior was upgraded to a new look and Mark didn’t have to 2nd mortgage for financing.




Mark was extremely disenchanted with the first Chevelle and admitted, “I thought everybody in the hobby was a dirt bag but great people kept popping up after they heard my story and they wanted to help. It really helped restore my faith in people”.


Mark and Chevelle Number Two surfaced on the car show circuit last year and he’s a very proud owner but that’s not the biggest reason he’s happy with the car.




Mark explained it his way, “People see my little five year old eating ice cream in the Chevelle, That’s what it’s really all about”.


Jerry Sutherland

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