Gord Kelly had trouble coming out of the closet but not in the “don’t ask-don’t tell sense”.


‘Gord’s problem was that he didn’t want to put this big red machine on the main street of a major car show.’


Believe it or not he had this classic tucked away in the dusty back corner of a parking lot.


Gord shouldn’t have worried.


First of all it’s a bright red Exner 1957 finned legend and it’s a Dodge Regent…a Canadian Plodge.


That means it’s a Dodge front clip and Plymouth from the doors back. They made them mostly in Canada for export and the Canadian market because hosers liked the Plymouth fins. It was rare then and rarer now. Gord did this 50s custom in that era’s style.



It’s old school Hot Rod University at its finest from the period correct ’59 Dodge 383 motor to the ‘62 Chrysler power steering column. He’s welcomed the new world by fitting late 70s Chrysler front disc brakes and a brand new alternator to help him stop and see where he’s going at night. Gord did this the old fashioned way-by himself in his own garage.



This car is a rolling tribute to the genius that was 50’s custom car building-hands on and innovative. So that’s why My Star Collector Car is bringing this car out of the closet and into the spotlight that it deserves.



‘After seeing this car steal the show as it pulled out of town there’s only question for Gord-C’mon, you didn’t think you could keep this finned legend hidden forever did you?’


Jerry Sutherland