doug imgp0892

doug imgp0892


A few years ago, we came up with a great You Tube idea.


We wanted to shoot a You Tube video with a big old mutt behind the wheel of a rough-looking old car.


Throw in a couple of rough-looking middle-aged identical twins and you have a very short movie.


A year ago in April we launched this masterpiece video-so far Hollywood hasn’t called.


Probably because the second best player in the video was the ’56 Dodge and the best actor by far had a fur coat, 4 legs and a tail.


 The car was easy-we had one available to us.


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The twins were easy, because we are twins. But the dog was a tougher find. He needed to be big enough to sit comfortably behind the wheel and old enough to look like he belonged in the driver’s seat.


So we went on a search that took several months before we found Doug the Dog.


He was everything we wanted, plus he had serious acting chops. He was the man for the job, even if he was a dog.


So we designed a controlled shoot that involved a safe approach to the idea of a dog behind the wheel. Doug was smart, but I am pretty sure he would fail the written part of a driver’s test. The result, after a long shoot, was a perfect example of why we (Jim and Jerry) are not actors. But Doug the Dog was a natural. He carried us in what amounts to a very goofy short film in which a dog drives twins in an old car.


It’s a simple story line with Doug as the show-stealer.


We finally launched mystarcollectorcar.com a year ago, and we added the You Tube video shortly thereafter. I phoned Danny, the proud owner/companion of Doug the Dog, the day the video appeared on You Tube.


Unfortunately, it was also the same day  Doug the Doug passed away, after a long and happy life as the biggest and most laid-back Lab that I had ever seen in my life.


So now it’s a year later, and Doug the Dog has been gone for quite awhile. But he had a big circle of human buddies who will never forget the big lug.



Anyhow, here is a link to Doug’s first and only acting assignment.