The Valentine’s Day tradition is based upon the concept of unbridled romance, packed restaurants and heightened flower sales.



‘The basic theme is love and nowhere is that emotion more evident than in the car hobby.’


Car guys and girls are some of the most deeply committed people in the world when it comes to their cars.

They will move mountains and change transmissions for their cars because they have found the perfect relationship. The following examples are the very real ways car guys and girls show their affection toward their vehicles.





The first way is the way they find the inner beauty in their cars, no matter what others think about the vehicles. Billy Joel put it best in his 70s mega-hit when he sang “I love you just the way you are” and nowhere is that more evident when a car guy or girl see their car as perfect in every way, despite a tired engine, unpopular make or model, dents, shaky front end, or the onset of rust issues in the vehicle.





The first way is unconditional love and will last until death of the owner or the car’s date with a crusher when the years finally take their toll on one or the other.






The second way is the complete opposite of the first car guy bond with a less attractive car because the these car guys and girls want to give their cars a complete makeover so they can restore the car’s youthful vigor and capture that love-at-first sight moment all over again.





The second way can cost plenty of time, money and even the occasional marriage because a complete restoration can be a very expensive proposition, but the second way is the car guy or girl’s way to say they are in the relationship for the long haul and are totally committed to the four-wheeled love of their lives.
The third way is the automotive equivalent of cosmetic surgery because it means the owner loves his or her car so much they want to improve on the car that left the factory many years in the past. They have a customized game plan built upon surgical enhancements such as a sleeker appearance, bigger engine, wild paint schemes, and any other way the car guy or girl can make their rides run at the front of the pack.





All of the changes involve serious financial investment, but the owners are willing to invest the kind of dough that will transform their cars into trophy rides.






The fourth and final way is tough love. The car guy or girl who changes their vehicle from meek to mild with a rat rod game plan starts with indifference toward the vehicle and builds that ride into a love relationship through a cosmic shift in the ride’s appearance. The rat rod owner has a vision in mind and wants to build a car equivalent of Ike & Tina Turner’s version of “Rollin on the River” compared to the CCR version. In other words, a rough and menacing ride.






The fourth rat rod way is not for everyone, but it is one of the ways car guys and girls find love in the hobby.


‘Love comes in many forms when it comes to the car hobby.’



Jim Sutherland



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