Ryan Pruder is a true car guy who happens to focus on classic Volkswagens.

He owns this 1965 VW Microbus for the right reasons-not because their prices clearly went through the insanity barrier at Barrett-Jackson.

Ryan is truly a hands-on guy who loves driving this refugee from the Woodstock era even though that giant hippie convention took place a decade or two before he was even born.

This Montana refugee was discovered and rescued by Ryan’s VW club and since then he is the third owner of the bus from the same club.

These VW guys are realistic and fair because if a member of the club is more motivated to own a vehicle the do the right thing-they sell it to him.

You just can’t see that happening in a 427 Corvette Sting Ray Club.

Ryan gets his hands dirty in the off-season with a very well thought out game plan to repair the little bus on the installment plan. In other words, only part of the floor pan is repaired over the winter so the ‘Dub microbus can serve its time in the summer as a rolling hotel because there’s always next year.

Mechanically, the VW has no trouble with 75-80 miles per hour traffic with a tricked-out 1776 cc 100 horsepower motor. Ryan did that too plus he also fitted the 60s version of the minivan with a modern air suspension. Some observers might call this a superficial upgrade but in reality he could park this baby on any incline and still level it front to back or side to side.

Try doing that with a Dodge Caravan.

Ryan is a realist even though the VW has been incredibly trouble-free even on long trips. He travels with every spare part known to VW Vans-from gaskets to fuel pumps to wheel bearings. If he doesn’t use them himself, he’s been known to help out a fellow ‘brother of the Microbus’ at a show.

‘These VW guys represent the best of the car hobby and Ryan is a classic example of what a true, hands-on “car-guy” is all about.’

Jerry Sutherland