element imgp9103

element imgp9103


Fred Flintstone has one of the rarest hybrid collector cars in automotive history.


‘Sometimes he puts some kind of fuel pumped out of mastodons in his car. And other times his car hurtles forward courtesy of his two good feet. Innovation and invention has been around for a long time.’


Fred has a fairly reliable ride, but how many times does Fred want to chip a new spare tire out of an available rock, or carve a new frame out of some logs?


Car repairs on Fred’s vehicle are more of a brute strength gig and less of a computer chip fix.


The Flintstone-mobile is a pretty basic car. No windows, doors, or annoying features like shocks or padded seats in Fred’s baby. However it does have a radio and a bird-squeeze horn as options.


So Fred might be in the market for some new wheels.


The problem is  Fred would face a variety of choices that might overwhelm a Cro-Magnon in a strange land. Fred isn’t exactly built for the 21st century, physically or mentally. The guy is a not-so-bright load.



If Fred was going to trade in his wheels, I can only see one real choice for the guy: A Honda Element is the car for Freddy boy. This thing looks like a modern version of Fred’s car. It’s one big pile of right angles and ugly.



element imgp9104


You can’t drag a caveman too far outside of his comfort zone, so it would be easier for Fred to buy into a new car concept if it looked like something that he built on the side of a gravel road in his world. A Honda Element would ease him into a 21st century world with its updated similarity to the Fred-mobile.



The Honda Element tribute concept is not an unprecedented move. Just look at how well Dodge did with the new Challenger: You get the same great look with a huge upgrade in performance and handling.



element imgp9112



And that is how you would sell a guy like Flintstone on a new car. He could leave the Stone Age behind and still retain the same basic look. Except that his new car would have doors, windows and air conditioning, instead of flow-through ventilation from no doors and windows. Fred would still be well within his comfort zone in something as ugly as an Element.


‘Plus he could wear out brake pads instead of his foot pads with an Element.’



Jim Sutherland




DENNIS: “Hey, the Element is ideal for the “Fred Flintstones” of the world. The “Enviornmentalists” who would like to take society back to the pre-oil “Stone Age”. Well, everybody but themselves, of course”.