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gage vs david imgp1570-1


Two of my favorite car shows are ‘My Classic Car’ and ‘Gearz’, principally because of their hosts.


Dennis Gage and Stacey David are both serious car guys, but with very different backgrounds.


‘I would be hard-pressed to pick one guy over the other, but it makes for an interesting debate.’


Dennis Gage comes from a science background with a doctorate degree in Chemistry that is not a good fit in car world. But a genuine love of cars was a greater draw for Dennis as he moved along in his life. He made a personal investment in a car TV show concept and ended up as the host of one of automotive television’s most popular car shows.


Stacey David dabbled in university, but he was always a hands-on car guy with a serious talent for wrenching on old vehicles. He set up his own restoration and performance shop in Nashville and was offered a chance to host ‘Trucks’ on TNN-now Spike TV. His style and projects made his show one of the highest rated programs on the specialty network.


Later he started ‘Gearz’ on Speed TV as an all vehicle maximum horsepower successor to ‘Trucks’


Both guys are very likable hosts and they are perfect for their roles on their shows.


Dennis Gage travels from car show to car show every week as he seeks out the odd and the beautiful in classic car world. Stacey David generally provides a look at a project that he actually works on in his shop.


Over the years, I’ve noticed that Dennis likes the oddball cars for feature stories on his show. The strange and unpredictable mix is the main reason that I tune in week after week for Gage’s show. He is a high energy guy who adds his own enthusiasm to every story. But Dennis Gage is not primarily a car restorer or custom fabrication guy.


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That is where Stacey David takes a different turn in the road. He loves working on vehicles and his limitless energy is directed toward a project which has much of his personal labor in it. He is a real-life “Tim the Toolman” who seeks much more power when he takes on a project.


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The fun part for both hosts is the segment where they take vehicles out for test flights. Dennis Gage has a gentle approach to the vehicles that he drives and usually has a cautious owner riding shotgun during the drive. But Dennis just loves the ride and feel behind the wheel of a vintage vehicle, so he is less interested in a tire-burning hell ride.


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Stacey David has a different approach to his test drives. Tires will melt and rocks will get climbed in his runs. He loves a brute force approach to his runs and generally disappears in a cloud of super-thick tire smoke. The barely contained wild man always comes out during David’s time behind the wheel.


Because I am a big fan of both guys, it would be very difficult to pick one guy over the other in a popularity contest.


‘But I’m sure readers will have their own opinions about which host is better in TV’s car world.’

Jim Sutherland



DENNISI watch all the car shows but what drives me nuts is that there is 15 minutes of show and 15 minutes of commercials. The “How To” shows like “Trucks” are one long “Info-mercial”, By that  I mean they show you how to make modifications by BUYING this sub frame or BUYING that set of shocks there’s very little “How To” involved in them anymore.”

DODGE HEMI 345:”I used to watch My Classic Car a long time ago.  I’m actually watching Gearz right now.
I have nothing against Dennis Gage, but his show leans more toward 30’s and 40’s stuff or sometimes weird Euro stuff.  I prefer Gearz.  I like how Stacey does a wide variety of projects.  One day might be a v8 Miata, and the next installing a lift on a Dodge”.

DENNIS GAGE:” I liked your article and you couldn’t have paired me off with a nicer guy than Stacey David!  Dennis”

AMPHICAR BUYER:”I have always liked ’em both, but the one complaint I have always had about “My Classic Car” is that is is about 15 mins of show and 15 mins of commercials thinly veiled as a “how to” segment. Just too many commercials! I now record it so I can see the show and zip thru the fluff.

Stacey David’s original “Trucks” was superior! I took a while to give the new guy a chance and he has stepped up. Stacey got me when he did a “Trucks” episode on what happened to some of the projects. These were all destroyed becuse of insurance and the parts were supplied by corporate sources so the projects could never be sold or used. Sad to put all that work into a nice truck only to be scrapped. Stacey said he would not do any more projects that would end up like that. Then all of the sudden, no more Stacey and no explanations either. If he stood up to the corporate morons, then YEA for him!! (and us too)